The Menù



Ricotta Quiche, Pumpkin pureed soup, Tomato confit €9

Chicken liver, pan brioche and red onion marmalade €10

Slices of Marinated pork with sauteed apples with calvados €9

Beef tartare with dried egg yolk slices € 16 

Tuscan salami and croutons € 12

First Courses

Tomato and bread soupe €10

“Acquerello” rice with quei and parmisan foam €14

“Pinci” with tuscan bread sauce €12

Tortelli of sheep cheese, Spinach Sauce, Dried black olives, Tomato air €13

Spaghetti “Martelli” onion, bacon and sheep cheease €11


Second Courses

Fried chicken  and season vegetables €15

Grilled beef with rosemary and sage €18

Wrap of Rice Flour of Carrots, Tomato, Anchovy and black olives sauce €14

Low temperature cooked beef cheek with wine sauce,

Brunoise of carrots, onion and celary, Sauteed Chard €16

Pigeon with  “Vin Santo” sauce and season vegetables €24

“Fiorentina” beef steak 5,50 € per Hg - 55 € per Kg


Semifreddo with Cantucci (Tuscan Almond Biscuits) and VinSanto sauce

Yogurt Mousse, Chocolate egg, Candied peel and hot citrus juice

Chocolate Flan with hearth of chestnuts and cold licorice crème anglaise

Tarte tatin of apples, red wine sauce and lavender ice cream

Cantucci (Tuscan Almond Biscuits) and VinSanto

*Gluten Free