One starter
One first course
One second course
One dessert
45 €


One or two starters
One or two first course
One second course
One dessert
52 €

The chosen menu will be served exclusively for all the guests of the table.

A manù is not divisible by more then one person.

(The Fiorentina Steak is not included in the testing menus)


Egg, Sheep Cheese, Black Truffle 15

Chicken liver patè, PanBrioche, Red onion marmellade, Sage 12

Quail, Lard, Tuscan spices, Endive 12

Slices of marinated pork, Apples with calvados  10

Beef filet tartare, Anchovy, Dried agg yolk, Mustard ice-cream 15

Beef terrine, Veg mayonnaise, Pickled vegetables from “Azienda Nappini” 12

Selection of cold cuts from “Macelleria Chini” of Gaiole in Chianti 13


First Courses

“Pappa al pomodoro” (Bread and tomato soupe) 10

“Pinci”, Lampredotto, Saffron, Puntarelle, Chilli 15

Spaghetti “Pastificio Martelli”, Dried tomato, Caper, Anchovy, Black olive 12

Guinea fowl Tortelli, “Occelli” butter, Smell of roast 14

Acquerello” rice, Zucchini, Mint, Almonds 14


Secondi piatti

Duck, Honey, Vermouth, Spinach 17

Beef sirloin, Green bread crust, Artichokes  19

Braised beef cheek, Its sauce, Turnip greens 19

Beef Stew, Red pepper 16

Pigeon: Breast, Leg with pistachio grains, Wing in aspic, VinSanto sauce 21

Fiorentina Steak         5,50 € per Hg – 55 € per Kg

Cheese selection:
Sheep cheese from Corzano e Paterno Farm
Goat Cheese from Santa MargheritaFarm 16

Desserts     7

Semifreddo with Cantucci (Tuscan Almond Biscuits), VinSanto sauce

Mascarpone cheese mousse in Chocolate Egg, Ladyfinger biscuit, Salted Mou

One sorbet and two ice-creams:
Peach, Chocolate. Vanilla, black cherry and white chocolate stick

Tarte tatin of apples, Red wine sauce, lavender ice cream

Our Cantucci (Tuscan Almond Biscuits) and VinSanto